The Aged

Our goal in this meeting was to fortify the bond with the aged ones, and as strategy was used to listening for the shelter, affectivity and the valuation of the other. The bond with the aged ones extended the effectiveness of actions it favored adhesion to the project. She was salient also the relevance of the dreams and desires of the past and perspectives for the future, where each one displayed its history of life, its souvenirs, its experiences. Moreover, it was perceived in elapsing of the colloquies, enormous necessity of the aged ones to share a little of its experiences of the past, with the intention to transmit some knowledge acquired with passing of the years through the story of its histories and experiences. Angela Zepeda does not necessarily agree. … ' ' Each one of us measures its conquests, what we prevent, what was prevented in them. We also feel the necessity to transmit, to guarantee a filiation of the values based on our history, History. Therefore ones of the signals of the ticket is to discover to the few, for each one, that we have a history, that it does not confuse itself with the present time, that it meets with the history of outros' '. (OLIEVENSTEIN, 1999.) In an attempt to create new devices that such developed the life of these people as something stimulated that them to rethink its abilities and talentos, wheels of colloquies had been carried through, where contact of some desires can be taken, being these fed according to development possibility. I dialogue through it carried through for the suggestion, one of the interns of the asylum, bought a viola, evidencing its will to learn to touch, mainly characterizing the importance of the desire to still carry through its desires, contributing for the idea of that when being stimulated it is possible to rethink abilities and to feel ' ' vivo' ' to materialize personal dreams and projects.