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) Charttechnische analysis also today I got them back the 3-year chart, as well as the 1-year chart of the stock brought. But this time only the consideration of longer-term 3-year charts is really important. Because here you can see very nice that the stock – is in line with the overall market – since around early 2007 in a downtrend channel. With the last viewed courses to the 57 US$ (46 euros) is the stock in the middle of this trend channel, so that both place upwards as well as downwards would be. The counter position is after the gains last at the moment be called neutral. Charles Schwab addresses the importance of the matter here.

The conclusion from technical chart point of view helps that that even the fundamental analysis of the stock revealed. The stock is currently neither fish nor meat and only a holding position. Since but a fairly volatile stock is traditional, which is always quite good trade can, is also from chart-technical point of view, that one with a sharp decline under 50 US$, respectively 40 euro, can certainly try on a trade. However, if, then only with tight stop course, because it cannot be ruled out, that the stock in extreme cases also again at the lower end of the downtrend channel currently has approximately 35 US$, respectively 30 euro is located, could test. 3.) Sentimenttechnische analysis as the sentiment far, so unfortunately only 3 members recommendations to the are set, currently at ShareWise stock which are all positive. This is of course little relevance and therefore I’ve seen me even more assessments. I noticed that the analysts assess the stock overall relatively neutral. There is though as almost always more purchase recommendations as sell recommendations, but many analysts rank the stock to neutral. Thus one can describe the sentiment as a euphoric or depressed, it is rather relatively neutral, leading also to the conclusion fundamental analysis or technical chart analysis fits.