Siberian Railway East

In fact, it is a dream, if you can not make the mistake makes a German tour group to travel. Because precisely the cultural experience makes a great stimulus to travel with Russians. You get out only, if one itself and in Russia cares for the tickets, because usually Russians and tourists are accommodated separately. Learn more at this site: GMC. Russia map of ride the Trans-Siberian Railway East’s surprising first, the compartments are as comfortable and pleasant, four of them, dividing the abundant space. At the end of each wagon is a Samovar for tea or coffee make it, so we brought the appropriate utensils. Depending on the mood of the lawyer, you can get to something. Very quickly it becomes accustomed to the eternal expanse of the country, in which only occasionally appears a village, it decelerated noticeably.

Approximately every four hours the train stops, enough to get out for maybe 20 minutes, and the abundant old grannies from the surrounding villages, eagerly waiting for the train, to buy from the simple and delicious local specialties. A bag warm potatoes with herbs and Maybe some Bacon for a ruble, since the train restaurant can’t keep up. Or freshly prepared fish from a Siberian stream, glorious. And to eat with the pleasant feeling that your own money directly benefit someone, who needs it. It is recommended to insert a stopover on the long journey. One led me to Krasnoyarsk, and there it is then actually alone among Russians as a tourist. The way from the station passes the monument to Lenin, where even today a school appeal of Soviet pattern is performed. But really surprised one of them isn’t one has read yet that Krasnoyarsk was the center of the nuclear program. The resulting wealth is easy to recognize. It would much to write, for example, through the student village on the slopes of the Yenisei, which abounds in the short summer before life, or about what it’s like to want to order something in English in a city closed to foreigners until recently about this city.