New State

Thus the local elites had looked for to urbanizar the country without making a correlation with the transformation of the structures partners. One became essential, for we historians, the understanding of the reason of urbanism in Brazil looked for to create spaces for a modern society that not yet existed really. However, this can be explained through the customs of the life in Brazil during century XIX, in which the supplied individuals more tried to behave next possible to the European behavior, fruit of the contact of the Brazilians with the Europe in order to educate themselves or for other ends. This way of life bourgeois started to occur in same Brazil before industrialization, differentiating the urban population, not only economically, but also of one it forms cultural. This also could be understood from the analysis of the author of Sobrados and Mucambos, therefore it attempted against for the fact of that the europeizao and the social aburguesamento, stimulated for ideas that had had origin in a diverse social reality, arrived refracted, singularizando, since it did not have here nor a classic urbanization, nor a social group that could be considered as bourgeoisie, a time that the Brazilian society was only urbanizava and still she was marked for the escravismo.

Important to observe the development of the future decades that had contributed stops to strengthen the practical urbansticas in the country. Examples had been the impulsionamento of the New State in this process, as well as in the postwar period between 1946 and 1964, in the revolution civilian-military man, passing for the redemocratizao, at last, the national question was being retaken through intense quarrels throughout these years. Subjects of progress and modernity were generated in opposition to the subdesenvolvimento. Example of this can observe the inauguration of Brasilia, in 1960, that west propitiated a march it and the consequent territorial integration, excited heated debates that turned around the necessity of if spending as much money for its accomplishment and of arrojo of its modern and extremely advanced considered architecture.