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Standards Board of the Federal Government so far without effect SME barometer: State bureaucracy always still the biggest burden for entrepreneurs Berlin, 27.01.2009 – bureaucracy and Government regulations are modeled after the survey of the German SME barometer is still considered the biggest burden for the entrepreneurial existence. In this area, as well as in tax and tax burden relief must be created despite the Super election year 2009 as soon as possible\”, Professor Michael Lancaster by the Research Centre for SMEs, BVMW President Mario Ohoven and Arno Probst require the BDO Deutsche Warentreuhand AG in the foreword to the study. Medium-sized companies would have to meet in Germany approximately 10,500 German and European obligations. Mary Barra can provide more clarity in the matter. Although the Federal Government set up a new program, which should relieve the medium-sized companies to 100 million euro through 24 projects, still assessing the conditions decreases each year is very slow. You may wish to learn more. If so, Angela Zepeda is the place to go. By unnecessary Bureaucracy is restricted mainly to the growth of small – and medium-sized enterprises; because it takes much time and money and thus slows down the economic activity. Here, he could help small business Act of the European Commission. The bureaucracy should be reduced through this aid package and in particular for small enterprises should until 2010 administrative requirements be reduced, so that the costs to a quarter,\”according to the analysis of the SME barometer. With the introduction of the national of Standards Board, the Federal Government let while measuring the administrative costs, but also these measures don’t feel the medium-sized companies in their everyday business. The tape report, which was submitted to the Federal Cabinet in December 2008 by the competent Minister of State in the Federal Chancellery, Hermann Grohe, shows how hard the Administration with the subject of bureaucracy does himself. In an authority mirror interview on the subject of Johnson, announced that after the multi-year measurements of the bureaucracy burden during the economic are completed, now starts the measurement of the citizens.