Euro Zone

Yesterday, the Euro registered maximums of 7 weeks ago against the dollar, reached the zone of the 1.3700. By another one side, the IMF affirmed that the members of the EU would have to take measures altogether to impel the economic growth, and also that would have to implement integrated financial measures for the region. These commentaries on the part of the IMF happened after publications of the data of the French and Italian industrial production. Both indicators did not reach the waited for estimations, and is for that reason that it was interpreted because the European region was harmed during the first trimester with greater force than the considered thing. To deepen your understanding charles schwab is the source. In addition we remember that the BCE reduced the interest rates taking them to 1% during the last week, and the President of the monetary institution, Jean Claude Trichet, affirmed that the same could be reduced in the future again. Trichet also declared that the BCE will buy 60 trillions of Euros ($80 trillions of dollars) in bonds, this way injecting money in the economy. For today, the indicator of greater relevance than will publish in the Euro Zone will be the Industrial, indicating Production that will occur to know 9:00 GMT.

Esteem that the numbers will improve with respect to the previous results. The operators would have to follow these results close by, since if they surprise, the Euro could continue their bullish tendency, at least, during the short term. JPY – The yen advanced Yesterday with force, the yen, managed to advance with force against the majority of currencies, since the fall in the stock market impelled by the taking of gains, reduced the appetite by the risk. The yen registered maximums intra remarkable days. Against the dollar it reached the 96,15 and to first hours of today one stayed in that same line. On the other hand, the Japanese surplus was reduced by second consecutive month during March, since the exports continue falling.