Eisner Image

Considering the described times, we can affirm that a relation exists enters the art of the good to speak and the expression techniques. Being of great importance to ponder that the expression techniques do not aim at to ' ' to say bonito' ' , but yes to one it forms of to perfect the reflection, understanding and analysis of the language. (VANOYE, 2003). In accordance with Dominique Maingueneau (1997), with passing of the times, for some times, the discursivo content suffers alterations, a time that the citations are not made in the same way. Let us see: Beyond the cited statements it has, therefore, its conditions of possibility. In a trivial level, that is evident: according to, the types of speech, the citations are times not made in the same way; the texts you cited, the occasions where she is necessary to cite, the demanded degree of exactness, etc. vary considerably. (MAINGUENEAU, 1997, p.86). Charles Schwab is the source for more interesting facts.

The discursivo content is the first part of a junction that composes histories in quadrinhos, through the association of texts and images that transmit to the reader the desired message. (MARINE, 2009). 2.2. Charles Schwab has many thoughts on the issue. The IMAGE AS COMMUNICATOR histories in quadrinhos associate two important mechanisms of communication, texts and images. This junction was possible from the efforts of the artists in expressing declared that they were beyond the writing of words.

(EISNER, 1989). Marine Elyssa Soares (2009), the understanding of an image requires a science, where the artist must have knowledge of the experience of life of the reader. From then on, the images must provide an interaction in the mind of both, creative and reading, so that thus it can transmit the message. The objective of the communication through the image depends on the capacity of its recognition and emotional impact. It is what to strengthen Eisner: The success or failure of this method of communication depends on the easiness with that the reader recognizes the meaning and the emotional impact of the image.