Business Law Registration

It also establishes that the trade name may only be transferred with the whole of the undertaking or establishment that came to use it. It also provides that the transfer of an undertaking or establishment shall include the right to exclusive use of trade names, unless otherwise agreed. Article 214 of the cited standard provides that the registration of trade name is granted for a period of ten years, counting from the decision granting the right, renewable for similar periods. (Similarly see: everest capital). In the process of registration of a trade name must make a publication under section 213 of the cited standard which does not occur when applying for registration in the Register of Legal Persons in charge of the registration areas. 2. DIFFERENCE Between companies and people JURA DICA The term legal person is not the same company.

It is necessary to mention that apparently the legal person is the genus and the company is the species which is not correct that the company in some cases covers the individual entrepreneur as an individual, which is not a legal entity. Sometimes the bodies are not personified not registered but are companies, not registered as societies or individual limited liability company registered no. There are various definitions of company not quoted in the present research work that has already been mentioned in another book called Treaty of Business Law published. The legal entity of private law in many cases runs in the register of legal persons, unlike the company that runs only in some cases recorded in March.