Federal Reserve

According to him, the United States is divided into twelve 'Counties' Federal Reserve and Congress completely removed from the right 'create' money or to have any whatsoever control over their 'creation', these functions are now entrusted to the Corporation and the Federal Reserve. All this was done under by appropriate calls. Propaganda assuring people that everything is done for the sake of to 'finances were separated from politics. " In other words, the chief U.S. press has passed into private hands. The word 'federal' used to intentionally introduce people into error.

Now, about the consequences: In 1910 the national debt U.S. amounted to about $ 1 billion By 1920 the ninth year, ie after only six years of the Federal Reserve, the national debt grew to $ 24 billion by the beginning of 1960 the national debt over $ 200 billion is now the value of debt handled $ 11 trillion What is the basic idea should be hence to make? Adults guys (shadow rulers) are playing their games and, in many of their desires, the Bucks will move in one direction or another. On the 'shock therapy', Paul Volcker and caught 'Belo handle' LBJ Following World War II, it turned out that the United States was the only economically 'Winners' country in this war. Incidentally, the IMF, UN, World Bank and other international organizations were created under shevstvom United States to maintain this postwar status quo – that is, strengthen America's position. More than half of all international money transactions were carried out in dollars.