Wonderful Countryside

The capital of Haiti – Port-au-Prince. Translation of the country stands for 'Land of Mountains'. This is one of the poorest and most unstable countries in the world. People are constantly malnourished, permanently committed natural disasters, coups d'etat. Haiti includes the offshore islands of Gonaives and cakes.

Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. From east to west, crossing the mountains of Haiti. The highest point is the highest peak is La Celle. Climatic regime Haiti's tropical trade wind. Depending on the terrain, the number of precipitation is different. For example, in every valley about 500 millimeters of different rainfall, while in other areas up to 2500 mm. There are two rainy periods, the first is from April to June, 2nd to to November. At any other time of year reign dry and warm weather .

From June to September Days are devastating tropical storms. Negative impact on the natural area provides cutting forests. This deforestation leads to erosion of soil. Woody material is used as a fuel resource and as a raw material for other promyshlennostey.Na plains are cacti. There are sites on the shore, covered with mangrove marshes and inland lowland pines. In more humid areas grow trees, such as gvayakum, Dahlberg, mahogany, and pine trees grow in the mountains. Grow wild orange, mango and avokado.Na Haiti no longer exists mammals, there is almost no snakes, many species of insects. Reptiles, which include three species of crocodiles and small lizards. The set of ducks, four species of wild pigeons. The waters are found sea turtles, shrimp and ryby.Chto regard to cuisine, the dishes feature a large amount of pepper. The kitchen of this country confuses a Caribbean, African and European traditions. Highly prized fish, which are boiled, fried and marinate. A dish of meat. rice, vegetables, beans and fried bananas called La Bandera. San Kocho, this movoschi with meat, which is preparing a special btslone. There is such a dish, like mango, which is preparing to tend to have breakfast. This banana puree. As the use of mineral water or purified bottled water. From alcoholic beverages distributed rum with cola or soda.