Advertisement Spirits

Do not put more than one leaf in envelope or bag, or get a cocktail of smells. Also remember: you wanted to evaluate the durability of spirits. Be careful when determining the resistance! As you know, the human nose gets tired easily. Once you have created impression that the flavor is too soon erode, it may be associated with fatigue. Therefore, inhale the smell quickly and give your nose a little rest. Inhale the smell at a distance without dropping the nose too close: important trace of the smell.

Never do more than two or three samples at one time! Nose can not be for a short time to learn even more odors. And the spirits can not be judged on first impression. Do not move from one odor to another, returning to the first, so you sweep away your feelings. Of the three proposed odor begins to try the lighter, then a more intense, and finally the most pungent and most 'heavy' flavor. Make that you know what smells! If you are trying different perfumes at once, select them, what perfume on a patch of skin you are dealt. Then later you can avoid misunderstandings.

Before you apply a drop of perfume on the skin, Make sure that the place smells like nothing else – not your spirits, no soap, no other cream. The aroma is usually applied to the back of the hand, wrist or elbow. Mistake would be an instinctive gesture, rubbing the spot over which sprayed perfume (especially if skin is wet), it 'hits' to the spirits, whose multiple components orchestrated so as to evaporate harmoniously in a strict sequence. Perfume – this is your second skin, and the air you breathe. You have to be united with the atmosphere, which itself surrounds. Spirits, from which you will not by itself have an impact on your whole face. Not only because using them, you lose some confidence, but Another reason that thereby destroyed your individual aura. Tried you ever go back to the spirits, who formerly loved? And they were slightly disappointed at the same time, is not it? You probably thought they had lost their power and shine. Years later, the spirits are very often represented by other than a memory. What happened? They have changed? Many spirits really are changing. Altered composition, sometimes forced, sometimes together with the changing fashion. The recipe is made anew, as a rule, because what comes out of the treatment of some ingredient. Requirements for compatibility with the skin becoming tougher, and because many flavorings can be added with large constraints, and this too forces to look for another part. Yes, the spirits sometimes change. And yet the cause of frustration are often not mentioned innovations, and the transfiguration of your dreams. Alter them or not, and spirits does not smell like before. Time can not be reversed. Only one thing: keep your spirits of bygone days in a brilliant memoir, and his new look, for sure they will become your new love. Advertisement Spirits are often embody them their memories and impressions. But every woman is looking in the flavor of something very personal, close only to her. When buying perfume, it pays to dream of becoming someone unique and inimitable, the one that will already know one easy inhalation native spirits. And let this dream become a reality.