Site Appearance

Coder assembles the blocks on the page, forms the common site template. His job seems easy, but only for first glance, because the presence of defects can affect the appearance of the site and cause problems with validity. The designer is responsible for the appearance of the site. Sets the color palette, selects fonts, draws themes. One in short, makes the site attractive.

Programmer – a man whose work is not visible to ordinary users. His contribution to the project depends on the complexity of the site, while at high complexity determines the accuracy and stability its services. This is especially manifested in sites with interactive use of databases and automatic generation of pages. Copywriter engaged in content that is based on the customer's wishes, he prepares briefs materials are attractive for visitors. When interacting with SEO-Optimizer copywriter creates texts to facilitate their indexing by search engines. SEO-Optimizer promotes the site on the Internet.

Its mission is to improve your site's ranking, improve the position in search engines and, consequently, increase its popularity and attendance. 5. Design. Design – an important area to develop the resource. The site should be attractive, but at the same time not too complex. Appearance can immediately captivate the visitor or as easy to push. This is true for smaller sites, business cards, and large information portals. The designer must develop a unique style and subordinate him all the pages and their elements, while maintaining fidelity to a given concept. Ensure ease of perception of information, do not forget about the attractiveness and charm.