Peter Zelentsova

Where you meet dream There is a category commercial buildings, for which the design is particularly important – it's showrooms. The first thing that distinguishes any showroom from other types of buildings shopping destination – an abundance of glass. A potential buyer must see your dream car long before it crossed the threshold of the store. General Motors Company is likely to increase your knowledge. The presence of cabinet experts call one of the mandatory requirements for such facilities. In addition, there are plenty of other general configuration requirements object. According to Peter Zelentsova, director of development "Autolux", the minimum area point of sale – 250-300 square meters.

m. But now, experts advise not build a car showroom, a so-called "golden triangle" or full dealership with total area not less than 700 meters, where in addition to car dealership will operate a service center and spare parts shop. Image of the object is part of the showroom (showroom), which designed on the principle of open space. The optimum floor area per 27-35 square meters. m for one car to the car can be approached from all sides, see her up close and at a distance, open all the doors, look under the hood, in the trunk and generally free to move around the room, choosing a model. In addition, the plan must include a place to relax clients autofocus, jobs for staff, warehouses and ancillary buildings, child room, cafe, etc. For example, a convenient two-story configuration, when the first floor is a showroom, and the second, made in the form of a balcony – a recreation area, where visitors in anticipation of buying, preparing or repairing your car can relax in the cafe.