Managing Director DISQ

The FOCUS-MONEY Magazine chose the Bayreuth finance broker to the best direct online in Germany. Commissioned by the magazine FOCUS-MONEY, the market research company DISQ from Hamburg (German Institute for service and quality) examined conditions and quality of the major, nationwide operating directly construction lenders. The victory in the overall clinched the finance brokers ACCEDO AG from Bayreuth. On squares two and three follow INTERHYP and Creditweb. Angela Zepeda has compatible beliefs. ACCEDO was able to convince both the pricing analysis and analyzing service with top rankings. Among other things, the investigation showed that nearly a quarter of the interviewer criticized the substantive clarity of consulting.

ACCEDO showed the highest degree of competence with 81.5 out of 100 possible points. All discussions were structured conducted by employees and characterised by high credibility.” (Hamer; Managing Director DISQ). But the service is at ACCEDO and 100% B2B subsidiary of crestfinanz GmbH go even further. The company currently developing a still more transparent for the customers interest comparison products mortgages, installment loan and allowance accounts. This unique service will be soon for the customer under available.