Google Analytics

Now pay attention to the fact that any material, any page of your site that talks about a certain group of goods or services must also contain the text highlighted in bold unobtrusively keywords for which to you will be come. And in the top of your browser can prescribe them, too. This, too, does the job. It is very important to establish a site for Google Analytics or Yandex-metric (I use the latter). Then you will be able to undertake a thorough analysis site and to draw conclusions about the behavior of people on your site, find out what sources come to you and what inquiries. Draw conclusions, why not stay for long. Set the counter hotlog. He also gives much useful information.

Many are doing a lot of buttons, links exchange, put a bunch of cheap advertising to discourage hosting, no customers. It also has a place to be and brings a certain result, but I personally did not clutter up your life and make him the market. But it is already optimized. And some other topic again. As for me, I will promote your site and parallel to give the advertising guidelines. But while constantly monitor the issuance of a search engine and watch for the results of their long hours, many days of work. As soon as I enter the top five on the issuance of the necessary inquiries to me, I turn of paid advertising on them So I reach harmony) And now the most important thing! By making these and many other "A fascinating exercise, you should not run ahead of the locomotive.

Instant results, do not wait! To be earned! Work, optimize the material on this site, write articles, post information about your business and Then after about 4-6 months, the site shoots. This is how my friends! Is the minimum that you need to succeed. Tested! Why am I writing this? Yes, because I want to help those like me. Because our country should be lifted with knees. The more we become rich and enterprising people, the better for all of us! PS: By the way, I beg the critics to go for a walk. I'm an amateur, and he's not all I know, and not all can do. I'm just telling that brought actual results and collected a lot of information which is mined, studied and practiced for months. For the people I apply the finished dish. Ask nothing in return is not required. If someone would help, I'll be happy. If someone says "Thank you, I will nice. I wish all success! But the poor patient, rich but lazy as well as the most intelligent. Go for it! Sincerely yours, Viatcheslav. Yes. And more! The only request: if you want to copy this article and somewhere to place, leave my ssylochku, please.