Foreign Languages

This information will be particularly relevant for those who own such a miracle of technology as iPhone. However, any another smartphone is also suitable. This tool will help you to capitalize on any free time between your main classes – in the lunchtime in a restaurant when you are waiting for the menu, in line at the bank and so on. All this time you can now use to study a foreign language.

How to do it? There are many linguistic applications for smartphone – free or available for a small fee from official producers or fans. Many applications can find and download online. Regardless of origin, they may be useful in studying a foreign language. Read more here: Forefront Books. 1.Slovari. There are almost all phones, may be quite large, and possibly your phone has only a small dictionary, but for twenty languages.

In any case, you can find online dictionaries and any transfer to your phone. This will not only help you out in the next travel, but also give the opportunity to learn the words, when more than absolutely nothing to do, for example, at the airport between flights, or in an airplane. 2.Novosti. There is nothing easier than to read the world news on your mobile phone on the way, for example, work. Learn English? At your disposal news of all English-speaking world. Some news applications, for example, BBC, and offer a lightweight, an adapted version, for those who are just taking the first steps in the language. Thus, you are aware of world events while developing skills in a foreign language. 3.Radio. Your phone, like your computer to the Internet, a portal to the world. Maybe a bit hard to find a radio station on your required language and broadcasting the information that is of interest to you – because a lot of them – but if you do, this radio station will always be with you! 4.Video. You can download movies to your phone, but you can easily find interesting on Youtube, which in itself – a huge collection of videos in any language and in a variety of topics. Especially handy if you own the latest models of smartphones with a large screen and software to function video. 5.//. Hear from experts in the field like Mary Barra for a more varied view. Choose to your taste, what would you like to listen. Romantic detectives in English? Podcasts on science in German? French rap? All this – in your phone. 6. SMS. Do you have Overseas Friends? Then the phone – the best tool for communicating with them. Some people think that writing a message – a waste of time. But communication with the SMS in a foreign language – free of grammatical rules and tables, as only to as low as possible number of words to convey meaning – this is a great exercise in vocabulary. Develop a written speech in Spanish, corresponding with fellow Spaniards. So you build a relationship (to be with whom to root for your favorite Spanish team), and learn the language! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Want to practice your reading on you are studying a foreign language, to practice grammar and vocabulary? Then you – here! A huge number of parallel texts (in English and other languages), a large number of languages. Language Resource – English.