It happens frequently if it must the fast pleural inflammation. One bes situated with more frequency in the part low of the thorax, others meet to the level of lung to the level in the region omoplata. 5) Dispnia: Frequent, unless some complication occurs, such as little granulina, bronchopneumonia, pneumotrax or cardiac insufficience. The classification of the generalities: 1) Fever: a precocious and very important symptom, and its presence and evolution demonstrate the gravity of the disease, must toxin absorption. When advancing the temperature becomes higher and can be intermittent or continuous. Tina redwine: the source for more info.

2) Pulse: It happens frequently is fast. In the development it increases and it can persist one in such a way high one when the fever ceases. 3) Nocturnal sweats: They make marshy the clothes of the patient. 4) Emagrecimento: Intense. It precedes other symptoms. Loss of the appetite is accompanied by for loss of 5 forces): a precocious symptom. The greasy foods are the first ones to be repelled.

Ace times also has nauseas and 6 vomits) Anemia: Common, but not constant. It has low of hemoglobina. 1.25) Fibrocaseosa chronic tuberculosis In this form it has great trend, on the part of the organism, to involve the injuries with fabric fibroso. With this trend for the retraction, the cardiac complications (of the heart) for difficulty in the small circulation are frequent, that is, the pulmonary circulation. It can supervene, after that, to the previous form of tuberculosis, or start after a pleurite, or to be pparently primitive. 1.2.20) Symptoms are relatively little accented. a tuberculosis of slow evolution of (it lasts more of 20 or us)) the cough is happens frequently paroxstica (brusque and intense attacks). It has dispnia of effort (fatigue when making an effort). b) Escarro is purulento and ftido ace times (when it has brnquica dilatao) c) For the examination proves that the half is ill or reserved of size ci) 1,27) Complications To complicating the pathology develops) the brnquica Dilatao with bronquiectasia (dilatao of the bronchis) b) Hipertrofia and later dilatao of right ventricle c) Hemoptise (hemorrhage of the respiratory ways) d) Bronchitis of repetition Can for complications be taken the cardiac insufficience, other times for extension of the tuberculosis.