Be Active

He gave me a clear idea of the theme developed by me on the web. Continue in the same spirit, RUNET'u need as much as possible of competent educators! Yarik Zagurskii "I do not know how to rest, but I personally do after such a good word in his address, feel a very powerful positive emotions and energies that enable me to do more with greater force than before. Rise mood and performance, there is plenty of great ideas and solid feel that you are standing on the right track, and really brings the people of any use. Rereading these letters over and over again, there is an experience that is hard to convey in words, much less to express on paper. I think any entrepreneur who has ever received such revelations in his address, understand me here like no other. Last saying in a very special degree for those who have just begun to engage in any activity, and until then, never got in his address anything like that. And the first success, the first recognition of their achievements, expressed in letters to those people they had never seen and did not know, so very, very much. At times, impossible to sleep on your overflowing emotions! I know this firsthand and speak only from my own experience.

In such moments, you feel not so much a successful entrepreneur, as the happiest person in the network (and not only there), who managed to achieve something in this life. Naturally, this happens every night. 🙂 Since than longer a person works, and the more gets in your address flattering words, the less effect they have on him. But this does not mean that he is not happy to receive them, on the contrary, each received a letter from a satisfied customer is sense of satisfaction, and is regarded as another proof confirming the merit of the author. Therefore, I urge everyone: my friends, write reviews! If you bought the product, use of the service provided, signed Newsletter or e-learning course, attended a seminar, or simply download the free ebook – write a review to the author, write what you think about it, what impression you have caused his goods than he has helped you, etc. This concerns not only the letters that you can send to the author, but also those sites where, for example, article or any article you can add your comment, vote for it, thereby increasing the rating, etc. I can assure you these actions will help you just a person who likes you as a writer, or to which you have at least a small share of respect. So, again: Gentlemen, Be Active! If you really liked the product of any author, did not rejoice alone. It is better to share it with everyone, and especially with the man whose work brought you some benefits and the desired result.